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MPO Bylaws:
The bylaws govern the MPO, guiding the makeup of its membership and committees. It spells out how officers are elected and the ways meetings are to be conducted.

Public Participation Plan (PPP):
The PPP is used for the transportation planning activities for Houma-Thibodaux urbanized area. It provides opportunities for citizens to contribute their ideas and voice out opinions during preparation of draft plans. Citizen involvement is vital in the planning process.

Also, see the Citizen’s Guide to Transportation Planning.

Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP):
The UPWP is HTMPO’s transportation planning work program for the upcoming year. It is updated annually.

Transportation Improvement Program (TIP):
The TIP is our region’s short-term spending program for implementing transportation-related projects. It identifies, prioritizes and allocates funding for transportation improvements to commence over a four-year period. The TIP is updated every four years.

Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP):
The MTP was adopted in May 2020. It is a long-range plan updated every five years as prescribed by state and federal regulations but developed locally. MTP identifies and prioritizes necessary improvements for all types of transportation in the next 25 years. The plan must be fiscally constrained.

Coordinated Human Services Transportation Plan (CHSTP):
The CHSTP was developed by HTMPO in 2007 to facilitate coordinated efforts by representatives of public, private, non-profit transportation and human service providers, and the public.

South Central Regional Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan:
The Bike and Pedestrian Plan was developed by the MPO in conjunction with the Active Transportation Committee. The plan reviews existing and potential bike and pedestrian projections throughout the region. It also identifies funding sources and includes educational information.

South Central Regional Transportation Safety Plan (SCRTSP):
The SCRTSP was developed by the South Central Planning & Development Commission (SCPDC) and its highway safety partners to implement the statewide Strategic Highway Safety Plan at the local level. South Central Regional Safety Coalition partners work together throughout the year on action items listed on their emphasis area plans.

Travel Demand Management 2019 Report
The MPO has received funding in 2014 from DOTD for the purposes of implementing a regional TDM Program. The first phase of the program included research, stakeholder outreach and coordination. The MPO compiled a report documenting all research, outreach, and coordination efforts. At the conclusion of the program in 2019, the MPO applied for and has received additional funding to continue the work.